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  • Eric Metz

    How do I connect my pixel 2 to screenbeam

  • Admin


    Please give us a call so we can walk you thru the step. 

  • Jason Stutler

    I am using an Actiontec ScreenBeam Wireless Display Receiver within my classroom.  It has device name SBWD-2DDA31.

    I was using it wirelessly with my projector and it was working fine until a student flipped the switch on my power strip and it has not worked since.  I have tried pushing the reset button to reset the adapter, but have had no luck.  I now have a TruTouch television and attempted to connect it again.  I get the same result from either the projector or television.  Both give me a screen that says Actiontec, which stays on for approximately 10 seconds, then fades to black and cycles through the same every 3-5 minutes.  Prior to the power strip being shut off, my adapter had worked well and had been fine with my laptop.

    I am unable to call to work through setup, so if you could reply with an email to assist me, I would greatly appreciate it.

  • Admin


    What is the model number of the device?

    Where and when was the device purchased?

    Have you tried a different android power cable?

    Is the power strip a surge protector or just a plain power strip extender?

    Have you tried plugging directly into an AC outlet instead of the power strip?

  • Kristoffer Vicmudo

    I was previously able to stream Netflix on any smart TV or any TV with hdmi port. However, starting last week I am just getting a black screen with only audio and subtitles.

    I'm using screenbeam mini 2.

  • Admin

    The ScreenBeam mini 2 two is not on the list of compatible devices for the Netflix App. This would be something that you would have to bring up with Netflix to see why. 

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