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It is important that your source device (laptop, tablet, smartphone) meet the minimum system requirements.

For additional information, please see the FAQs, Product Documentation and Troubleshooting Steps posted at the following link:

 For Windows based source devices, proper functionality may require that your wireless, video, and graphics drivers are up-to-date.  These are typically posted to your manufacturer’s website and will be dated 2015 or higher.  Please contact your manufacturer for assistance verifying and/or updating these drivers.


Windows 7/8

If your source device does not support WiDi or Miracast, the unit works with the ScreenBeam Transmitter.


Windows 8.1/10:

You will use the built-in Miracast functionality of the operating system to connect to the Mini2.


Smartphone (Android):

Your phone must be Miracast certified.  Please contact either your manufacturer and/or service provider for confirmation that it is Miracast certified and properly supports the ability to ‘mirror’ your screen to a secondary display device.  This is a built-in function of the phone and cannot be installed as an App.  An abbreviated list of naming conventions for Miracast can be found at the following link:


 Apple/Mac Users:

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