How Can I Update The Firmware On My ScreenBeam Mini 2 Using My Android Device?




  • Sean Calhoun

    I just downloaded the Configure Utility, but it won't detect my SBM2.

  • Admin


    What android device are you using? 

  • Jesse R

    I am having the same issue. I am using a Samsung Note 8. I downloaded the Configure Utility app from the play store but it won't find my SBM2.

  • Admin


    Does your phone model number support Miracast? 

    If yes, make sure the miracast function is turned on.

    You will need to have an active screen mirroring session to use the configuration utility to make changes to the ScreenBeam.

  • Randy Cheadle

    Just downloaded the utility to my Samsung Galaxy S8+. I have been connecting to a screenbeam mini 2 for about a year. I never used the utility. Now with the new Samsung OS update on my phone, i can connect but it's glitchy. I thought I'd try updating the SB mini 2. The utility doesn't see the device. Am i doing something wrong?

  • Admin


    Make sure the Miracast or Screen Mirroring option is enabled on the phone/tablet.

    You may have to have an active screen mirroring session in order for the configuration utility to connect to the ScreenBeam. 

    Once your phone is showing on the tv/display launch the utility then follow the steps in the article above.

    Since you had a recent update to the phone OS you may also need to power the phone off then back on. If you have further issues you may need to call Samsung.

    If the "Ready to connect Screen shows the Firmware version as then your device is already on the current firmware and does not need to be upgraded.

  • Randy Cheadle

    No such luck. I can easily connect to the device but the config utility app does not see the device. I have seemingly tried every way i can think of. Please help

  • Admin


    Try disconnecting your phone from your WiFi network (do not turn off the wifi or put into airplane mode) then launch the configuration utility. 

    If this fails contact our support at 8884360657 for further assistance.

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