How do I connect my Windows 8.1 laptop/tablet to the ScreenBeam Mini 2?

1. From the Windows desktop, go to the Charms menu and select Devices. You can also use the shortcut keys (Windows logo + K).

2. When the Devices menu appears, select Project.

3. When the “Project” menu appears, select Add a wireless display. Windows will search for available devices.

4. A “PC and devices” screen appears. Click Devices and, from the list that appears, select the Receiver.

*Note: The receiver name associated with your ScreenBeam Mini 2 will be displayed on the “Ready to connect” screen


5. The Windows 8.1 device connects to the Receiver.

6. The HDTV displays a message to show the status of the connection.

7. When the last screen is displayed, the device has connected to the Receiver. The device’s screen should be displayed on the HDTV momentarily.

*Note: If the option to “Add a wireless display” shown in Step 3 does not appear it is recommended to contact the manufacturer of the Windows 8.1 device to ensure that the system drivers are up to date.

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    I updated the ScreanBeam, Mini2 SBWD60A s/n: CMMA54801163, and it stop working.
    How may I go back to its original software. It was working with all my Samsung phones.

    Ed Seaver