How Can I Update The Firmware On My ScreenBeam Mini 2 Using Windows 8.1/10?

The firmware on your ScreenBeam Mini 2 is updated using the ScreenBeam Configurator app for Windows 8.1 or 10 respectively.  The app is available for download at no charge from the Windows Store.

Once you have installed the ScreenBeam Configuration Utility on your Windows device, follow the steps below to update the firmware:

* Your Windows device must have an active Internet connection to complete the update.

  1. You will need to connect your Windows device to the ScreenBeam Mini 2 by using the wireless display options in Windows.
  2. Once the Windows device is connected through wireless display open the ScreenBeam Configurator app.
  3. Select Wireless Setup.
  4. The app will scan for ScreenBeam receivers. Select your ScreenBeam Mini 2 when its name appears.
  5. The app will connect to your ScreenBeam Mini 2. Once connected, a configuration menu will appear.
  6. Select the Firmware Update option from the left-hand column.
  7. The app will compare your ScreenBeam Mini 2's firmware version with the latest version available.
  8. If an update is available, select "Upgrade" and the update process will begin.

NOTE: The process will be complete once the ScreenBeam Mini 2 has rebooted and the Ready to Connect screen is displayed.

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