My HDTV displays the message "Please wait for USB update..." when I connect the power cable to my ScreenBeam Mini 2.

This message can be displayed if the reset button is pressed while connecting the power cable to the ScreenBeam Mini 2. Disconnect the power cable and reconnect after 5 seconds, making sure that the button is not pressed when reconnecting the power cable.

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    John Richardson

    After updating firmware it doesn't connect. What you have to do is disconnect from it and delete it from your your connection screen on phone. Then refind it or rediscover it and it will work fine then.. :)

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    ailton luciano

    Hi everybody. How can I get access to device if there are only 2 message from it: HL-Link logo (default) and "Please wait fo USB update" when I press the reset button? I've tried connect it to my laptop, but it didn't work too. Maybe my appliance has broken. What do you think. Thanks.