The connection to ScreenBeam drops frequently.

Note: The following tips and instructions are intended for IT Administrators

First, ensure that the latest driver for the wireless adapter on the laptop/tablet is installed.  These drivers should be obtained from the device OEM. 

For devices with Intel 72xx and 31xx wireless adapters:

 The Intel 7000 and 3000 series wireless adapters support DCM (Different Channel Mode). For these adapters to support DCM, drivers dated January 2015 and later must be installed.  When these drivers are installed there should be little to no effect on the connection to ScreenBeam when there are changes to the device's connection to the wireless network.

For devices with older wireless adapters such as the Intel Centrino 6xxx or earlier series and Marvell Avastar:

There is a limitation to the driver and/or hardware, and the performance may not be as stable as with wireless adapters that support DCM.   If this is the case, you can try one of the following:

If an internet connection is not required during the wireless display session, disconnect the laptop/tablet from the wireless network and then connect to ScreenBeam.

If applicable, configure the Roaming Aggressiveness setting to Low in the wireless adapter properties in Device Manager to prevent the laptop/tablet from roaming from one Wireless Access Point to another.

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    Grant Bennett333

    My screen beam 2 constantly drops outs and is very annyying to re establish & go through the whole process again and again and again. Any Solution?? On an Android phone...

    Kind Regards Grant Bennett.