My laptop/tablet will not pair with the ScreenBeam receiver.

  1. Make sure the name of the receiver you’re trying to connect to matches with the receiver name shown on the Projector/TV screen
  2. If the Force PIN Pairing feature is enabled on ScreenBeam receiver, make sure you’ve entered the correct PIN on your Windows device.
    1. If the PIN is set to be randomly generated, it should appear on the Projector/TV screen on the first connection attempt.
    2. If the PIN is set to static or “secret”, a message advising you to contact your IT Administrator for the PIN will appear on the screen. Ensure you have obtained the correct PIN from your IT Administrator. The default PIN is 12345670
  3. If you receive a “Time’s Up” message on the screen, the correct PIN was not entered in time. You must wait until the Ready to Connect screen is displayed on the Projector/TV before attempting to connect again.
  4. If you have entered the correct PIN and are still unable to pair the device, follow the steps in the "My Laptop/Tablet won't connect to the ScreenBeam receiver" FAQ.
  5. If the problem persists, contact your IT Administrator for further support.
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