After connecting, why am I only seeing my desktop background with no icons on the TV/Projector display?

Your Windows system may be set to project in Extended mode. You can configure it to project in Duplicate mode. Use the Windows Key + P keyboard shortcut to open the Project menu and select Duplicate. If you are using a tablet and do not have a keyboard, use the following method for your operating system to change the display mode:

Windows 8.1

  1. Long-tap on an unoccupied space on the desktop and then select "Screen resolution" from the context menu that appears.
  2. From the "Multiple displays" drop-down list, select "Duplicate these displays"

 Windows 10

1.Slide the Action Center menu in from the right edge of the screen and select "Connect".

2.Locate your ScreenBeam receiver at the top of the list of devices, and then select "Change projection mode" under the name.

3.Select "Duplicate" from the Project menu.

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