Why Does My ScreenBeam Mini 2 Keep Rebooting?




  • Wmarkschroter

    Where is the support for android 6.0.1?

  • Wmarkschroter

    Samsung wants me to get a new phone and a smart TV.
    I would much rather use the mini. It's a great piece of gear. Make it work for me and I will buy a few more of them and tell all my friends to get them too.

  • Joe T.

    Please check your email, including spam folder for correspondence. Currently a support ticket is open and an Actiontec technician is trying to assist you. Thank you

  • Christopher Bell

    Haven't even had this device for 24 hours and it is already acting up. Having the same issues. It keeps rebooting after the title screen. It's just a black screen. Please help

  • Joe T.

    Please open a ticket using the "Submit a Request" option above so that I may assist you.
    Thank you

  • Tracy Devall

    It keeps rebooting after the title screen. It's just a black screen

  • Jim W

    Please refer to your ticket submission at https://actiontec.zendesk.com for further assistance with this issue. You will be receiving a response from a technician for additional information to better assist you.

  • amy Vannarath

    i keep getting the homescreen and then it goes black. then once every few minutes it pips up again and then black.

  • Joe T.

    Please check your email, including spam folder for correspondence. I have opened a support ticket for you and would like to assist you.
    Thank you

  • Toni Rosas

    I am having the same issues, I reset it, I unplugged it for five mins and re plugged it in, it says it's starting, then goes black, the says it's starting again, back and forth. I am going on an hour and a half trying to troubleshoot this issues. Help please someone!

  • Toni Rosas

    It connects to my roku fine as both power adapters are 5v output.... Ugh.... So frustrating!

  • Toni Rosas

    I can't check for an update and I can't find the SBMini_FW_x.x.x.x.zip anywhere to download. This is ridiculous. Why not include the emails you're sending to people on a forum to access during these times? Seems counterintuitive.

  • Zonya K

    The firmware update instructions (ScreenBeam Configurator or User Guide for Android) can be found at the following link:
    To receive additional technical support, Please open a ticket using the "Submit a Request" option above

  • Andrew o

    It keeps rebooting after the title screen. It's just a black screen.

  • Toni Rosas

    I was the last person with the same problem. It is a defect in the device and they'll send you a new one and you'll return your current one to them.... That's only if the upgrade of firmware didn't work. Hope that helps!

  • Alan mustang

    Same only reboots ,will say it's connecting but then goes to personalizing ,then I watch videos on thing from airplane mode to mirror imaging nothing works!

  • Joe T.

    If when getting the "personalizing" message on the Screen, is the ScreenBeam Configuration Utility open on your device? If so, this is normal and you will need to back out and locate the option to use the Miracast connection from your device (smartphone/PC/tablet) to connect to the ScreenBeam receiver. If you would like to look into the issue you are having please submit a ticket at the top of the page. If doing so please provide a short description of the issue and the model of the device you are attempting to connect with.
    Thank you

  • Cody McNeish

    Mine does the same. I put mine in and it turns on then off. Just shows the blue title then black screen.

  • Admin


    Please give us a call so we can help you better troubleshoot your device. 

  • Richard Pittman

    Same issue as everyone else.  "Recommended" method is to power it from an "included" AC wall adapter.  Well, this SB Mini2 doesn't come with a wall adapter.  It's not like it's just missing... the box contents specify that it only includes the stick, and the USB cable.  :\

  • Admin


    Where did you buy your Screenbeam Mini 2 from? Did you buy the Screenbeam Mini 2 or the Screenbeam Mini 2 Moblie version? 

  • Michael Dammitt Ramirez

    My Screenbeam mini2 will power on but only goes to a black screen after it flashes Actiontec twice and it doesn't load like it always has. I have tried contacting you thru this website and submitting a request and all I keep getting is an endless runaround of emails asking me for the same thing over and over. I just would like to get this issue resolved in a timely manner but instead I feel like I am just being blown off and like this issue with your product is not being addressed because it does not really concern you or the tech support with this company.

  • Admin


    Have you called us? Can you update your profile on this site with either the phone number or the email address you used when you called so we can help you further? 


  • Dreg178 Dreg178

    My screen beam kept rebooting until I used a different android charger wire. Now it works great. Keep your phone or whatever as close to screen beam as possible. Also using contact cleaner would probably help. Power everything down spray all connections then wait for a minute until they dry.

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