User Guide for Android Configuration Utility

Utility Version

About the Utility
The Android Configuration Utility is used to wirelessly upgrade and configure the Actiontec ScreenBeam Mini 2.

Where to get
The Android Configuration Utility is available from Google Play. To download, search for 'ScreenBeam' in the Google Play application on your Android device.

If you have problems accessing Google Play, you can download the utility from the following link and copy it to your Android device and install it:

ScreenBeam Config Utility_v1.5.0.0.apk

Utility Features

  • Detects and upgrades the latest firmware wirelessly.
  • Ability to configure display language, screensaver, and CEC One-Touch play
  • Supports the ability to change the background image.
  • Supports changing image and text for the screensaver.


  • ScreenBeam Mini 2
  • Device running Android 4.2 (or higher)
  • Wi-Fi Direct-ready device (Miracast-capable preferred)
  • Available Internet connection
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  • Avatar
    Mary lou Perez

    I can't my phone

  • Avatar

    Please submit a ticket using the Submit a request icon above and give us a few more details on what you are experiencing issues with and we will be glad to help you.

  • Avatar

    I updated the ScreanBeam, Mini2 SBWD60A s/n: CMMA54801163, and it stop working. L

    How may I go back to its original software. I am using my Samsung

  • Avatar
    Michael D Dirmeier

    I exit the Screenbeam utility on my Android device, and it then identifies my screenbeam receiver. When I touch "tap to connect" the TV to which the screenbeam mini2 is attached says, ""Connecting You Now." But then the Android utility reverts back to the configuration screen and the TV back to "Personalizing Your Device." How do I get it to actually connect?

  • Avatar
    Joe T.

    Hello Michael,
    Please check your email, I have created a support ticket to assist you with any questions you may have.
    Thank you

  • Avatar
    john Burke

    I exit the Screenbeam utility on my Samsung 8+ and it then identifies my Screenbeam mini2 receiver. When I touch "tap to connect" the TV to which the screenbeam mini2 is attached says, ""Connecting You Now." But then the Android utility reverts back to the configuration screen and the TV back to "oops something went wrong". How do I get it to actually connect? The "Save Configuration" button does nothing and the upgrade to .12 does not work.

  • Avatar
    nancy spencer

    I installed the program for update, only it says i need internet connection. I only have phone data and hotspot. Do i need to go somewhere for wifi to download?

  • Avatar
    Sufian i'M Pian Ahmad

    I got a problem when i plug to my hdmi, it come out with actiontec logo, but straight away go blank. And i cant detect it on my android phone. Try the config utility apps but still cant detect. Please help.

  • Avatar
    Michael MIlls

    I have a lg v30 that worked great with the device but ever since my update to adroid oreo 8.0.0 I can no longer connect. I have the utility app and am able to connect and use that to change backgrounds. Device firmware is at

  • Avatar
    Michael MIlls

    But no longer have capability to mirror my phone through the device.

  • Avatar
    Mary S

    It would obviously appear that the update and the app is the problem with everyone writing in. What happened with this update that ended up destroying the ability to use the screenbeam mini 2 which was a great product, but now it seems that your app is the thing that is extremely defective and is harming everyone's devices. If I get a new device, and never connect the app as it was working perfectly before I did will this fix it or do I need to get a refund? I purchase my device with Amazon and I am getting really angry to see all these people who are left eye and dry and out in the cold with no words turned except fill out a ticket what does fill out a ticket do? Does it get Actiontec to send another screenbeam Mini 2? Then what? Can it run without doing this horribly destructive update that is attached with the app? Mine started acting funny not connecting I would unplug it and replug it in it would start connecting you now waiting for magic is about to happen and then it stopped connecting and just kept going back after I installed the app. By going back, I mean going back to Actiontec is trying to connect the system what is with this app anyway? Don't you think we deserve some kind of explanation as to what is causing all these ? We put our trust in you purchased your product and now here we are...... what is the next step? I'm really tired of this it's been a month since I've been trying to do something my HDMI ports come back with no signal just like everyone else is has a has a task this device the screenbeam Mini 2 destroyed the HDMI ports in our TVs or what? Can you please address this issue with some kind of explanation, please?

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    Zonya K

    The ScreenBeam Configuration Utility App is a Utility tool, designed solely to allow you an opportunity to perform firmware upgrades and personalize your ScreenBeam. It cannot be used to launch a connection to the ScreenBeam. Your source device (smartphone, tablet, Windows device) must be Miracast certified and you will use this option on your device to launch the connection to your ScreenBeam. Close the App and launch your connection using the Miracast functionality on your source device.

    For proper functionality, plug the ScreenBeam into an electrical wall outlet, then into a standard HDMI port on the display (TV/ Monitor). Be advised that you cannot use the ARC or MHL ports. Set your TV to the correct HDMI port. Allow the unit to provide a Ready to Connect screen on the display. Once this is complete, launch the Miracast functionality on the source device. Connect to the SBWD number shown on the TV and displayed in the list of available Miracast devices on source device. If your source device is not Miracast certified it is not compatible with ScreenBeam technology.

    Submitting and/or creating a ticket is a one-stop troubleshooting opportunity. It provides you an opportunity to clearly define your issue and work directly with an Actiontec ScreenBeam technical support representative. Together, we will work toward providing you a positive resolution. If the unit is deemed defective during the troubleshooting steps, Actiontec provides a one year hardware warranty.