ScreenBeam wireless display cannot scan or detect a ScreenBeam Receiver, and the channel selection drop-down menu does not show any channel.

This issue is most likely to occur on systems with ZoneAlarm Antivirus and Firewall software installed. Even with ZoneAlarm is temporarily disabled or exited, ScreenBeam wireless display could not scan or detect ScreenBeam Receiver. This is a known issue with ZoneAlarm for certain new USB network devices. Actiontec has communicated with ZoneAlarm about the issue and the tech's recommendation is to remove ZoneAlarm. Use the following steps as a Workaround:

  1. Remove ZoneAlarm
  2. Install a different Antivirus application (optional).
  3. Reinstall ScreenBeam wireless display application. Some Antivirus application may pop up with a warning message during ScreenBeam installation and setup. Select "Allow" or "Accept" for ScreenBeam to proceed with the setup. 
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