I Encountered Connection Failure With ScreenBeam Mini 2 And My Device Can't Connect To It Any More




  • Michael Polo

    I just got my screen Beam mini 2 yesterday and it was working fine however today it tries to connect but then says oops a problem occurred???

  • Gonzalo Badillo Jr

    Connection Problem Solved!

    Ok. So, I had connection issues with my tablet after updating my mini2 to the latest version. I contacted Samsung and even actiontec and neither would take blame for the problem. Just the other day I was messing around with my tablet and by accident I figured out how to connet to the mini2 smart view / screen mirroring.

    * First, make sure your mini2 is being powered directly to a wall outlet.
    * Second, make sure the tv is off or on another hdmi port or different channel.
    * Third, on the android tablet or android phone, turn on the smart view / screen mirroring, click connect on the prompt icon, wait for it to connect.
    * Once your device connects you can turn on the TV or go to the hdmi screen on the tv and enjoy the rest of your day.

    Note: I have two mini2 and I have to do this with both. If the Tv is on or you have the Mini2 HDMI channel on, it will not connect.

    I hope this works for you as it worked for me.

    You're Welcome! :)

  • Brent Riley

    Thank you Gonzalo Badillo Jr. That helped!!!

  • Shawn Robinson

    Enable developer options..go to enable wireless display logging...click the wireless display button on phone..scroll down and you will see connection type set to default change to pbc

  • kris Peal

    I have a moto e5 Supra and any time I click on my cast it say no near by device

  • Admin


    Motorola has disable Miracast functionality on most their devices. You will need to contact Motorola to verify if Miracast is supported and enabled on your specific device.

  • Jo Johnson

    Hello, I have a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon.  I've had this for a little over a year.  I have been able to successfully connect to my ScreenBeam Mini 2 (Receiver name: SBWD C19EF3) since I first purchased my laptop (December, 2017).  This laptop does support Miracast.

    Just recently, within the last 2 months, I have been unsuccessful at connecting.  I click my "Window" button and then "K" to bring up the connection window, but the window is a dark gray, not blue like it used to be.  Then I try to connect to the Mini 2 receiver name and on my TV, it says that it's connecting me now, but then tells me that  "Oops, something went wrong" and then in the gray connection box it states, "Couldn't connect".

    I have performed all of the troubleshooting steps on your sight for this problem, but none have worked. 

    I have recently installed some updates to my Levnovo, at their urging, but am not sure which update has caused this issue or if it even was an update that caused this issue.  I have tried to look for ActionTec or ScreenBeam log files on my laptop to determine when I was able to successfully connect so that I could pinpoint if a Lenovo update caused this problem, but cannot find a log file on my laptop for ActionTec.

    Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated as I use my laptop to project to my TV for classes or instructional content. 

    Thank you, Jo





  • Admin

    please give us a call to help you troubleshoot this more. 

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