Is ScreenBeam Mini2 compatible with a 4K Television?




  • Juan Rojas

    Dont know what happen but doesnt work with a TCL ROKU 4K TV

  • Juan Rojas

    I try to connect my samsung s7 to the mini 2 on the 4k tcl tv and it didnt work when i puy it back to the vizio that was pluged in didnt work either

  • Joe T.

    Please check your e-mail as I have responded to a support ticket you have created about the issues you are having. If it does not show in your inbox, please make sure to check any "spam" folders.
    Thank you

  • Djtoby408

    Hola intento conectar mi lg stilo 4 a mi screen beam mimi 2 y no se conecta e conectado barios aparatos u si se puede pero este no

  • Admin


    We have no Spanish speaking support. But you need to make sure your device supports Miracast. 

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