How can I tell if my Android device supports Wi-Fi Miracast?




  • Sami Saarela

    Trying to connect Samsung Flip to ScreenBeam Mini 2, but not having much luck.

    According to Samsung support Flip uses Wi-Fi Miracast, but I keep getting "Oops, something went wrong", an error message rivalling Microsoft's.

    Not sure where I can post feature requests, but here goes:

    Please add support for Samsung Flip Screen Sharing.

    Thank You.

  • Admin


    This is not a feature that can be added to the ScreenBeam. The device you are connecting with needs to support Miracast. 

    Verify your device actually supports Miracast. The full specifications sheet does not list Miracast as a feature.

    You can check with the manufacturer or at

    You can also follow the troubleshooting steps in the following article.

  • Lew Johnson

    I have a Galaxy S10, everything connected just fine. I can see my phone screen on the TV. However, when I select an actual movie from Netflix, the audio AND video doesn't play. It's playing on my phone, but, not on the TV. All the commands are mirrored, just not the audio and video of movie.

  • Admin



    This is a Netflix issue. The problem you are experiencing is because the ScreenBeam Mini2 is not on the list of supported devices to work with Netflix. Please use the following link to see a list of devices supported by Netflix.

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