I can't connect to the Receiver with ScreenBeam Configuration Utility on my device. The Utility can't find the Receiver.




  • adanieltech

    Wanted to post the method I have successfully used to connect my Samsung J3 Luna Pro - Model SM-S327VL to my ScreenBeam Mini2 -- which is hooked to an HDMI port on my TV.

    First, I tried connecting to the ScreenBeam Mini2 by setting the TV to the HDMI channel where the ScreenBeam Mini2 was connected, then using the "SmartView" quick connect button on the phone to connect.  While I could see my ScreenBeam device listed under the SmartView window, I could not get my phone to successfully connect.  On the TV Screen, I would get the "Oops..." message, and on my phone I got a "Failed to Connect" message.

    I finally came up with an initial setup procedure for my phone that would let me make the connection.

    ON the TV
    Connect your ScreenBeam mini to an available HDMI port as directed by the ScreenBeam Mini2 instructions.  Use your channel selector on your TV to go to the HDMI port that matches the one you have plugged your ScreenBeam Mini2 into.  You should see the Actiontec logo, and the ScreenBeam Mini2 home screen.
    ON the Samsung J3 Phone
    1 - Enable Developer Options by going to Apps/Settings/Build Number and tapping "Build Number" 7 times
         This will add a "Developer Options" item to your Apps/Settings list.  Now tap that to open the list of
          Developer Options that are available.
    2 - Scroll to bottom of Developer Options, and enable "Authorize wireless display devices"
    3- Turn on WifiDirect by:
    Go to Apps, Settings, Connections, touch and hold "WIFI" until a screen appears that shows a slider for On/Off, and beneath that are the ID's of any WIFI networks in the area, or any remembered Wifi networks.
    Make sure the Wi-Fi on
    Locate the words "Wi-Fi Direct"  at the top of the screen, to the left of the Wi-Fi page name. It show show in light blue that it is on.  By default it should come on when you turn WIFI on.  Remember: If Wi-Fi Direct is not on, it cannot connect to the ScreenBeam Mini2
    NOTE:  If you wish to use your cell phone's Data plan instead of a WiFi hotspot or router to stream the content you will be displaying on the TV through the ScreenBeam Mini2 , you will need to disconnect your phone from all other WiFi networks.  Otherwise, your phone will automatically use the data from the WIFI hotspot/router connection to stream any content, rather than using  your cellular data plan. You can disconnect your phone from any WIFI Hotspot connections, while still leaving your WIFI turned ON (so that WIFI Direct can function), by removing the remembered credentials from  any saved , "auto-connect",networks that are within range.  Once this is accomplished,  your phone is now using only cellular data to stream content.
    4 -  Use the phone's SmartView connection to connect to the ScreenBeamMini2
    Swipe down from the top of the screen to display the quick connect shortcuts to things such as wifi, location, sound, etc.  You may need to swipe once to see a short list of these, then swipe again to display all of them.  One of the shortcuts is "SmartView".Tap that.
    Because you enabled "Authorize wireless display devices" in step 2, you will see a popup window that lists various options.  Scroll down and tap "Listen Channel"  Change it to "1"
    Scroll to the bottom of the window where you will see the ScreenBeam mini device name and Tap it .Your phone should connect and you will see your phone screen displayed on your TV
    On subsequent connections to your ScreenBeamMini2 from this phone, you will most likely not see all the extra options (such as Listen Channel) in the connection window, but will automatically connect with the last options you chose.





  • kris Peal

    My Moto e5 Supra is not connecting to my screenbeam mini 2 it keeps saying no near by device when I click on cast

  • Admin


    See the response to your posted question on the following forum page.



  • Veronica perez

    Clearly this device does not work it's a top off I tried for days to content and I got nothing.

  • Inversiones Wadodesigns

    Mi dispositivo screenbeammini2 no conecta a mi teléfono Samsung j7, dice a ocurrido un error, tenia un s4 mini y no tenia problemas.
    My screenbeammini2 device does not connect to my Samsung j7 phone, it says an error occurred, it had a s4 mini and it had no problems.

  • adanieltech

    Veronica Perez, the device does work, but only if you have a compatible model phone that supports miracasting.

    In our household, we have successfully connected with two Samsung S4's, one Samsung S7, a Samsung J3 Luna Pro, and  a Samsung J7 Prime.



  • adanieltech

    Inversiones Wadodesigns -

    Try the solution in my post in the comments above, for connecting a Samsung J3 Luna Pro.  Perhaps it will work with your J7

  • Jegede Daniel Deji

    I was trying to update my screen beam Mini 2 and in the process my tv went off and i cant access the device any longer it wont even booth . Please help me on this 

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