I encountered connection failure with ScreenBeam Mini 2 and my device can't connect to it anymore.




  • Stacey self jr.

    Connecting you now. Then goes to configuration. Nothing I do makes magic happens like before. Receiver name: sbwd c1515b personalize your devise. Exit utility to return to ready state. Try and connect. Magic never happens. Goes back to personalize your device. Please help me.

  • Stacey self jr.

    I am on a phone. I don't have windows 8.1 or 10

  • Stacey self jr.

    I have deleted my screen beam mini 2 twice and re installed the app.

  • William Joseph Camacho

    I have found that if I change my hdmi from the CUSTOM setting to DEFUAULT..IT WORKS EVERY TIME I TURN IT ON....IT'S WORTH A TRY!!!!

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