I encountered connection failure with ScreenBeam Mini 2 and my device can't connect to it anymore.




  • Stacey self jr.

    Connecting you now. Then goes to configuration. Nothing I do makes magic happens like before. Receiver name: sbwd c1515b personalize your devise. Exit utility to return to ready state. Try and connect. Magic never happens. Goes back to personalize your device. Please help me.

  • Stacey self jr.

    I am on a phone. I don't have windows 8.1 or 10

  • Stacey self jr.

    I have deleted my screen beam mini 2 twice and re installed the app.

  • William Joseph Camacho

    I have found that if I change my hdmi from the CUSTOM setting to DEFUAULT..IT WORKS EVERY TIME I TURN IT ON....IT'S WORTH A TRY!!!!

  • bella and Katherine

    It keeps saying opps something went wrong

  • Admin


    The "Oops, something went wrong" message indicates your phone or tablet is not completing the Miracast connection to the ScreenBeam Mini 2. 

    See the following article.


    You may need to contact your Cellphone or tablet manufacturer for further assistance.

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