I'm seeing choppiness and brief pauses while watching Internet video on my Miracast device.

This can occur if the wireless signal between the source device and the ScreenBeam receiver is poor or is too crowded. You can prevent video playback problems in the following ways: 

  • Move the source device closer to the ScreenBeam receiver to improve wireless signal strength or use the HDMI extension cable to reposition the ScreenBeam Mini 2.
  • Remove unused portable WiFi devices from between the source device and receiver.
  • Disconnect unused devices from the WiFi network.
  • If the video is being viewed in a web browser, clear the web browser's history and restart the browser. You can also try a different web browser.
  • If the source device is connected to a WiFi network, change the channel used by the WiFi network.  The wireless display connection to your ScreenBeam receiver will use this same channel.  Consult the user guide for your WiFi router or access point for information on how to change this setting.
  • If the source device is a Windows laptop/tablet, ensure the latest drivers for the Display and Wireless Network adapters on the source device are installed.
  • If using an app such as Netflix or YouTube, verify that the app you are using is up to date.
  • When possible, avoid placing 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz wireless devices directly next to the ScreenBeam Mini 2.
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