ScreenBeam Mini 2 Firmware Upgrade Instructions




  • jaime de jesus soto

    This its not helping me with your product people.

  • jaime de jesus soto

    This its not helping me with your product people.

  • Admin


    Please use the submit a request link at the top of the page and give us some more information so that we can help you with your issue. Please

    Actiontec Support

  • raffy

    Did you reed yours instructions before send a customers?

    Because we have windows 8.1 with ScreenBeamMini2 HDMI Receiver and your solution don' t math.

    Please send me the Firmware driver and don't make me feel bad about you service, one week and no solutions.

    The ScreenBeam Mini series can only be upgraded using the ScreenBeam Configurator for Windows and Android.

    Please refer to the ScreenBeam Configurator User Manual for information on how to upgrade the firmware on your receiver.

    You can download the ScreenBeam Configurator User Manual from the link:


  • David Chen

    Tried to update device but after locating device I tap screen TV states connecting you and never changes. My android phone chances to Save Configuration but when tapped nothing happens. Swipe to left revels firmware unknown

  • Steve Palm

    Same problem, their Android app is broken under Nougat, possible other versions as well. I found an old phone running Android 5 and it was able to update just fine, so it is a problem with their app and Nougat, at least in my case.

  • BtrWrld

    Windows Configurator is for Continuum or Pro, not the ScreenBeam Mini2 which does not have the accessory needed to perform the update as instructed. Your general instructions require the ability to connect to the TV broadcast. However, that is why I am here. I only get "Oops, something went wrong" on both TV sets I have tried. Why can't i just connect the Mini Receiver, using the power cord, directly to the USB port on my laptop. Again, no accessory to perform Continuum or Pro update process, and unable to connect to TV!

  • Jose Resto

    Blank screen. Same as all the other comments. The only reply I see is check ur email. What do I do?

  • Chris Hawk

    So I tried a BUNCH of things, and here is what worked for me.

    It stated with disabling all of the Virtual adapters in my Network Settings, because this device tries to create and adhoc wifi network, and the virtualization software that I have installed (Oracles Virtual Box) caused that traffic to fail.

    So by disabling those adapters, it worked for me.



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