How can I update my ScreenBeam Wireless Display software?




  • Deric Curtis

    i would also like to know this one but on a larger scale. How would i update say 300 installs at once? Command line that i could push out to all my PCs?

  • Joe T.

    Deric Curtis,
    Correct, using a Windows Update server, you could push out the update just like other software updates to the PCs with the use of a command line.

    Install command line:
    ScreenBeam_setup.exe “-sp/s”

    Uninstall command line:
    ScreenBeam_setup.exe “-sp-s -x -v”/qn””

  • Deric Curtis

    i tried the "-sp/s" and got a notice from the installer that the files to be updated are still in use. Do i need to uninstall the old version first?

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