ScreenBeam Mini 2 Quick Start Guide




  • Fabiano


  • Fabiano

    I don't stend installation,please!!!!

  • Donnie J Murray

    Quick Start is as useless as tits on a boar Hog, for those of us trying to set this up for use on our windows 10 computer..

  • Richard Marquez

    Can I use this w/my windows 7

  • Admin

    No, it will need to be Windows 8.1 or higher. I have included a link to the system requirements for you to see.

  • Jonathan Martinez

    Hi my device links to my zte blade and work good but when I select a movie to play it play s every thing on screen except the actual movie but the other icons pop up like the ten seconds skip an stuff apear

  • Admin

    Please submit your question to this form so that a technical support agent can help you better with your issue.

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