My video quality is poor, or I'm seeing a mosaic display on my HDTV. What should I do?

Ensure the laptop/PC meets the recommended system requirements for ScreenBeam wireless display. If the device meets the minimum recommended system requirements and you are experiencing poor video quality, mosaic or block display, wireless signal interference may be occurring.   Change the channel used by the Actiontec ScreenBeam software as follows:

  1. Disconnect from the ScreenBeam receiver in the ScreenBeam wireless display software window.
  2. Right-click the ScreenBeam receiver name in the list of available receivers and select Remove profile.  Click OK to confirm.
  3. Click the Add a receiver link.
  4. Locate your ScreenBeam receiver in the list of detected receivers.  Click on the receiver name once to select the receiver.
  5. Select a channel from the Channel drop-down list.  It is recommended that you select a channel higher than 40.
  6. Click Connect.  If the video quality remains poor, repeat steps 1-5 until best results are achieved.
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