I can't hear any audio or sound on my HDTV after ScreenBeam connection is established.




  • Ghammond64

    there is no windows system tray on on my TV?? I have a vizio TV and this unit has been working fine until this weekend the audio will not come thru? Pic is fine?

  • Ashley

    When connecting with the screen beam mini 2 using smart view on my samsung galaxy s6(Android version 7.0) I can not get any audio. The picture is fine but no sound when playing videos or music. I have tried other phones (Samsung Galaxy S4 running Android version 5.0.1) and still the same thing, picture/video but no sound. How do I fix this?

    Also, the screen beam doesn't connect to the configuration utility app for this product either!

    Help Please!!

  • Jennifer Guthmiller

    Tried the suggested steps to fix and that did not work.

  • Serge Caz

    I lost the audio on my Screenbeam Mini 2 on A droid after my phone was automatically updated.
    I fixed it by holding the reset button 10 seconds on my Screenbeam Mini 2 and reset it to factory defaults.

  • Ben Lovell

    I had perfect picture but no sound. I shut my phone off and left it off. On the screen beam Mini 2 I held the factory reset button. Counted 10 Mississippi's and then turned my phone back on. Than turned screen mirroring back on and it fixed it

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