I can't hear any audio or sound on my HDTV after ScreenBeam connection is established.

This issue may occur when using USB audio devices such as USB speakers.  The ScreenBeam wireless display software may not be able to take control of the system audio when the USB audio device is set as the default.  Set the system's main audio device as the default as follows:

  1. Disconnect any current ScreenBeam connection.
  2. Right-click the ScreenBeam icon in the Windows System Tray and select Exit.  Click OK to confirm.
  3. Right-click the Speaker icon in the Windows System Tray and select Playback Devices.
  4. In the Playback Devices window, right-click the system's audio device (e.g. Realtek High Definition Audio) and then select Set as Default Device from the context menu.  Click OK to save the setting.
  5. Launch the ScreenBeam wireless display software from the Windows Start menu and reconnect.  The audio should now be heard from the HDTV.
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    there is no windows system tray on on my TV?? I have a vizio TV and this unit has been working fine until this weekend the audio will not come thru? Pic is fine?

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    When connecting with the screen beam mini 2 using smart view on my samsung galaxy s6(Android version 7.0) I can not get any audio. The picture is fine but no sound when playing videos or music. I have tried other phones (Samsung Galaxy S4 running Android version 5.0.1) and still the same thing, picture/video but no sound. How do I fix this?

    Also, the screen beam doesn't connect to the configuration utility app for this product either!

    Help Please!!

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    Jennifer Guthmiller

    Tried the suggested steps to fix and that did not work.

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    Serge Caz

    I lost the audio on my Screenbeam Mini 2 on A droid after my phone was automatically updated.
    I fixed it by holding the reset button 10 seconds on my Screenbeam Mini 2 and reset it to factory defaults.

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    Ben Lovell

    I had perfect picture but no sound. I shut my phone off and left it off. On the screen beam Mini 2 I held the factory reset button. Counted 10 Mississippi's and then turned my phone back on. Than turned screen mirroring back on and it fixed it