Sometimes the video on the TV freezes if my source device disconnects from the receiver unintentionally.

This can occur if significant wireless signal interference occurs between the source device and the ScreenBeam receiver has not detected that the connection has been lost.  If the Ready to Connect screen does not appear after 30 seconds, restart the ScreenBeam receiver by unplugging its power and plugging it back in.  You can prevent unintentionally disconnecting from the receiver in the following ways: 

  • Move the source device closer to the ScreenBeam receiver to improve wireless signal strength.
  • Remove unused portable WiFi devices from between the source device and receiver and/or disconnect them from the WiFi network (if present).
  • If the source device is connected to a WiFi network, change the channel used by the WiFi network.  The wireless display connection to your ScreenBeam receiver will use this same channel.  Consult the user guide for your WiFi router or access point for information on how to change this setting. 
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